pnfamily band???

so yeah in the chat we were talking about having a pnfamily band that covers pnf songs and I think that would be a really really great idea

basically what we could do is each person would like record their part, making sure to use a metronome and stuff, and in the end someone would compile it all together and form it into a single song and we could even do one of those things where it’s a video each person like has a box on the screen and it would all come together and it would be REALLY COOL

and I totally think we should do it

like you don’t even need to be musically talented or anything you could even just sing one line of the song or something I just think it would be a really cool idea and someone suggested that we could send it to dan and swampy (I don’t forget who suggested it though sorry)

and YEAH I just think it would be really cool like I already arranged the parts for a bunch of pnf songs I have the music for:

Busted, Fabulous, Ferb Latin, Hey Ferb, Moments When We Didn’t Get Along, Perfect Day, Perry the Platypus Theme (Extended), Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls, Summer (Where Do We Begin?), Summer Belongs to You, and You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart

and I’m working on:

Ballad of Klimpaloon, Bouncin Around The World, Carpe Diem, Come Home Perry, Everything’s Better With Perry, Evil For Extra Credit, Gitchi Gitchi Goo, Happy Evil Love Song, Let’s Take a Rocketship to Space Me, Myself, and I, One Good Scare, Today is Gonna be a Great Day, Watching and Waiting, Where Did We Go Wrong

and I or anyone else can make the parts for any other song too and there are a lot of talented singers and musicians in the pnfamily and even if you aren’t you can still add to it everyone who wants to be part of it will be a part of it and it will be really really great!!

I’m not the person in charge of this thing or the person who came up with the idea but I just really think we should make this actually happen

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    omgg well i don’t wanna force her but ;y; dang now someones gotta do a super romantic version of it. unh i haven’t sang...
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    SHE WONT DO IT SOB (promise her bujeet, maybe that will make her cause i’m trYING AND FAILING)
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    So I’m not the most fabulous singer ever or anything but I do love to sing and I’ve been doing it my entire life and in...
  4. merlions said: ents if you want to use any of them in this because it’s gonna be so freakin FREAKIN cool oh man
  5. merlions answered: I would totally love to get in on this! I play piano and I’ve done choir for ~10 years and I have a stylophone and a few other little instrum
  6. febilian answered: I love the “One Good Scare” song, I’d love to see that done. o: not sure if I’ll contribute yet or not though.
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    This sounds like fun! I’ve done arrangements for PnF songs too, and I have a PnF beginner’s songbook which may also be a...
  8. lolday-n-lolnight answered: I played trumpet for 8 years, although I haven’t touched it for a while so I’m currently out of practice
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  10. roboromantic answered: I can sing and play the ukulele!
  11. legs-are-just-for-show answered: Oh this sounds fun, I can’t do anything at all besides bother people, but I hope you guys make this a reality.
  12. shwoo said: Actually I have five different sizes of recorder, so technically the range is from F3 to F7. But I don’t have very good recording equipment now that I think about it. I have a headset.
  13. shwoo answered: Ooh, a band! I can play the recorder! Play it well, I mean. I had lessons all through my teen years. It has a similar range to the flute.
  14. akirateku answered: Omg YES to this, all of it. I can sing! (and play the accordion, if it’s needed haha)
  15. datcog answered: you already know i be bangin’ on them drums. yeah, demo tracks might be a hassle but if we just get it basically down, shouldn’t be too bad
  16. emmetbrickowski said: A band? I call corrupt band manager!
  17. agostaini said: :O :O :O that would be great!!! :D I want to be part :D idk maybe I could sing some lines or something XD idk how to play instruments XD
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