Super Smash Bros. 4 Assist Trophies (1/4)

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the most stressful part of ap exams

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yeha that wasn’t too bad except for the last question that’s worth like 25% but whaTEVER

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#music showcase is tomorrow night too so Ill be home late #also prom is saturday apparently #I am not prepared at all for my statistics final #dont stay up too late carmelaaa

ok Im way too anxious to study rn I have to get to school an hour early anyways Ill just study tomorrow

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#Im gonna go watch the new adventure time and then watch the new steven universe like 3 more times #I love connie I love steven and connie bye #the whole episode reminded me of a loz boss fight


someone had to text me pretty cure while I was drawing scribblenauts

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#my dog #my cat

at least in less than an hour I will have the complete albw soundtrack

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kyle and i had an enlightening conversation about stats

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#for real though

we still have like 5 weeks of school left why is our stats final tomorrow

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